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Spacepack - Kit para ordenar el bolso o Maleta



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Kit de viaje Spacepack Ideal para ordenar la bolso de Gym o la maleta/valija de viaje.

También lo podes usar con tus hijos, para los bolsos del club, o lo que prefieras!!

Vivir bien, viajar ordenado, mas simple mejor!


Travelling products line

The Spacepack product is absolutely new in the market.

Mariela Calvé is an argentinian design brand, and developped it taking into account the user: the frecuent traveler, sportsman or gymnast.

Each kit is composed of a big Laundry bag, a medium Underwear bag and two small Shoe bags.

Kit composers:

Laundry: with this bag you won ́t travel messy or dirty.
Now, you can keep in your suitcase your clean clothes separate from the dirty ones. The bag allows you to carry it to the laundry comfortably, wherever you are.

Shoes: with the shoebags, you can have your footwear (they always have dirt) separate from the rest of the clothes.
It allows to keep the pair together if they shoes/sneakers or separate if they are boots. Each kit contains 2 shoebags.

Underwear: this bag keeps the delicate underwear, separate from the rest of the clothes. As they are made in Tyvek, it protects the underwear from the clothes and dirt shoes.

The Material:

This product is made with a material called Tyvek, it was developped by the DuPont Company. Although it ́s not a new material in the market, its use in design products, fashion and graphics is.


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